In clear water light can enter freely, this is why in ponds with clear water blanket weed is often a problem. The blanket weed grows on the walls of the pond and can overwhelm underwater plants.


    Algisin is a powerful and reliable solution against blanket weed. After use blanket weed will start to disappear within a few days, within 14 days the pond is free of blanket weed.

    Blanket weed can develop fast due to sunlight and overwhelm plants. Due to the enzymatic effect of Algisin the blanket weed will be refrained from essential nutrients. The remains of the algae can be removed easily with a fine coarse net.

  • BIOX

    After the blanket weed has been eliminated frequent use of BiOx will prevent the development of new blanket weed. The strong oxidising power of BiOx stops the growth of blanket weed in a natural way. As a side effect BiOx provides activated oxygen which stimulates biological processes in the pond water. This results in a better living environment for fish and plants.

    When BiOx comes into contact with the pond water activated oxygen is released immediately. Due to the strong oxidising power of BiOx organic waste and sludge will be decomposed, and the growth of blanket weed will be interrupted in a natural way.