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                         For a

 30 years of experience,  successful

 that makes the difference

 Colombo  produces               marine
 professional products for
 the maintenance of your
 aquarium. Our products          aquarium
 are developed with over
 30 years of experience
 and continuous improve-
 ments supported by solid
 research  and  product

 In the Colombo research
 centre we don’t take
 things for granted. Every
 product is tested inten-
 sively before we market it;
 this way we can guaran-
 tee optimal results.

 Our products for marine aquariums have one goal - to produce a successful
 aquarium, with healthy and beautiful corals and fish. During the product devel-
 opment we have focussed on creating products that are both user friendly and
 high quality.                                  Reef salt
 We are convinced you will see the results!
                                                Test kits

 NL-3257LB - The Netherlands                                 Pest control
 Professional products for your aquarium

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