Colombo All4 System

Calcium and carbonates are the two most important elements in seawater, which are required in relatively high amounts and they have to be added separately through Colombo Calcium+ and KH+. Colombo All-Four contains all other macro and micro-elements that corals need for an optimal growth and a perfect colour development, like magnesium, iron, iodine, potassium and many more. Based on the Calcium test, you add Colombo Calcium+. Add 50 ml Colombo All-Four for every 100 ml of Calcium+ you are adding to your tank.

  • All four

    For a successful marine aquarium it is important to keep the water values stable and at the same level. With Colombo All Four you can easily maintain the water values. For example, use a 4-channel dosing pump from BlueMarine.

    KH and Calcium: Determine the consumption of these 2 values by means of a regular test and set the dosing pump so that KH and Ca plus are added as required.

    Nitrate and Phosphate: Add Nitrate EX on channel 3 according to the instructions for use. Phosphate can easily be reduced with Phosphate EX, if the phosphate content is too high, reduce it with manual dosing of Phosphate EX.

    All Four: Colombo All Four contains Magnesium and many elements that are important for optimum coloring such as Potassium, Iron, Iodine etc. The dosage of All Four is based on the Calcium consumption. Calculate the dosage and set it to channel 4.

    Test the KH, Calcium, Nitrate and Phosphate values regularly and adjust the dosage as required. The manual dosing of Coral Vits is recommended.


  • Easy maintenance with the Colombo All4 system on a 4-channel dosing pump.

    Channel 1: Colombo KH+
    Channel 2: Colombo Ca+
    Channel 3: Colombo Nitrate Ex
    Channel 4: Colombo All Four