Too high a silicate or silicic acid content is the main reason for the presence of silica algae (brown algae). By removing the silicate with Silicate Ex, the algae can no longer grow and disappear. Normally a maximum silicate content of 0.50 mg/l is acceptable, but to remove silica algae, the content must be temporarily reduced to 0. 

  • Silicate Ex quickly removes silicate

    Silicate Ex can also be placed in a reactor to guarantee optimum flow; make sure that the pellets do not rub against each other, which leads to wear and dust in the aquarium. If the silicate has dropped to the desired level, remove the Silicate Ex for later reuse.

    Note: Silicate Ex also binds phosphate. Therefore first remove phosphate with Colombo Phosphate Ex to increase the effectiveness of Silicate Ex. Also, do not add phosphate to the water when Silicate Ex is in use.