When starting a marine tank we first add live rock to the tank. At this stage there no corals or fish present in the aquarium. The biological processes in the live rock needs to be re-activated.


  • TEST

    We recommend proceeding as follows:

    • Add Colombo Bacto for a rapid biological start
    • Test pH – KH – Ammonia and Nitrite values at least once a week.
    • Add Colombo KH-plus when pH and/or KH-values are too low.
    • The first (soft) Corals can be introduced as soon as the ammonia and nitrite values are zero for a period of 14 day

    Colombo has produced test kits that are developed especially for seawater. These tests give the best results!


    Bacto contains a unique blend of special selected bacteria strains, which helps to achieve a quick and complete biological balance in your marine tank. When starting it is essential to establish a biological balance as quickly as possible to prevent an outbreak of unsightly algae. After the start we recommend to add Colombo Bacto weekly to maintain a thriving environment where fish and corals are at their best.

    Bacto balls impregnated with the unique Colombo bacteria for marine aquariums. DNA screening techniques has been used to select the best strains. Use Bacto balls for clean and clear water, optimal biology, healthy corals and improved polyp expansion. Algae growth is also reduced and organic waste decomposed.



    Use KH plus to maintain an optimal Carbonate Hardness (KH) between 8 and 12°DH. When the KH is kept between these values pH will remain stable at the correct value. Colombo KH plus is available in a ready-to-use liquid. We also have an economical powder form. KH plus powder is an economical alternative for a stock solution to help keep the KH value at the desired level.