CO2 Systems

Plants need CO2 for their growth. During the day, when there is light, plants absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. During the night this process reverses, CO2 is released and oxygen absorbed. Due to the fact that aquarium plants grow underwater, they need to absorb CO2 from the water. In normal conditions aquarium water does not contain sufficient amounts of CO2 for healthy growth. With a CO2 system, CO2 gas is added to the water. The plants can absorb the CO2 from the water.

CO2 Basic Set

The CO2 Basic Set provides a simple solution for adding CO2 to smaller tanks.

Fill the diffusor with CO2 from the bottle, through contact with water the CO2 gas is absorbed.

CO2 Advance set

The Colombo CO2 advance set contains a pressure cylinder with 95 gram CO2, a pressure regulator, a 3-in-1 diffusor and all connections. With the pressure regulator the flow of CO2 gas to the diffusor can be adjusted. A bubble counter is incorporated in the diffusor, by counting the bubbles released in a specific time frame the amount of CO2 added can be determined. The diffusor produces very fine bubbles so the gas is well absorbed by the water

CO2 Advance set with 800 gr. cylinder

With the adapter ring, sold as an accessory, the pressure regulator of the Advance set can be used on the disposable 800-gram cylinder. This way the cylinder has to be exchanged less frequently. With the 800-gram cylinder you save nearly 70% on the cost for the CO2 gas. By installing a solenoid valve the supply of CO2 can be interrupted automatically during the night. Plants don’t need CO2 during the night, hence you make considerable saving on the cylinders and the regulator doesn’t need to be readjusted again.

CO2 Reactor

Make your own CO2 with 2 components. No more changing pressure bottles! The Colombo CO2 reactor is a very complete set to easily make CO2 yourself using two components. Instead of exchanging pressure bottles, the empty bottle with the 2-component can simply be refilled with pure CO2 gas.

The bottle is made of stainless steel 314. Supplied with: Bottle holder, pressure regulator, solenoid valve, bubble counter, non-return valve, outflow, accessories and spare parts

Note: The 2 components are not included, these can be purchased through the Colombo CO2 reactor refill.

Use: Add the 2 components and then add 300 ml of water. Close the bottle with the pressure regulator. A chemical reaction produces approx. 105 grams of CO2 gas in 30 minutes.

CO2 Reactor Refill

2 components for the Colombo CO2 reactor. Package contains 3 sets of component A and B, 200 grams each. With 1 set, approx. 105 grams of CO2 can be made. 1 package is therefore sufficient to make approx. 315 grams of CO2.

  • CO2 Profi Set

    The CO2 profi set contains all the components needed to setup a professional CO2 system. With the 800 gram disposable cylinder you will have enough CO2 gas to last for weeks. The system can be extended with a solenoid sold as an accessory, to stop the supply of CO2 during the night.

    3 in 1 diffuser

    The 3 in 1 diffuser offers a non-return valve, bubble counter and diffusor in one device. The medium sized diffusor is included in the advance set. For larger tanks a bigger diffusor is available.

  • 800 gram CO2 cylinder

    The 95-gram cylinder of the Advance set needs to be exchanged frequently. With an adapter ring, sold as an accessory the regulator can be used with the disposable 800-gram cylinder. With this amount of CO2 gas you will be covered for a while.

    Solenoid valve

    Plants only absorb CO2 during the day, hence the CO2 system can be stopped during the night. With the use of the solenoid valve in combination with a domestic timer this can be done automatically. The investment in the valve is returned quickly, you will need to exchange the CO2 cylinder less frequently!

  • CO2 Indicator

    The CO2 indicator is an indispensable aid when using a CO2 system. The indicator continuously shows the CO2 value of the water. This way you can adjust your CO2 system to the correct amount of CO2 needed for your plants.

  • Profi pressure regulator

    The Profi pressure regulator has a two-stage pressure chamber, which ensures a constant pressure. In this way, the amount of added CO2 gas remains constant. The Profi pressure regulator can be mounted directly on the cylinder without an adapter ring.