Live Phytoplankton provides the start of the food chain for the eco system in your marine tank. With the unique, live Colombo Phytoplankton, you can add this to your marine tank. The water in your marine tank is the natural environment for Colombo Phytoplankton. The Phytoplankton is produced in the Netherlands in a purpose built nursery using salt water from an ancient well. Other algae like Chlorella and Spirulina grow in fresh water this makes these less suitable for use in a marine tank.


  • Why should I use Phytoplankton?

    The live Phytoplankton is always packed fresh and must be stored in a refrigerator at temperatures of 4˚C.  Colombo Phytoplankton is turned into a dormant state before filling the bag. Because of the liquid form it can be kept alive in the best possible way.

    • Natural food source for clams, feather dusters, gorgonians and many others.
    • Starts off the food chain.
    • Natural reduction of nitrates and phosphates due to nitrate and phosphate absorption by Phytoplankton.
    • Helps to reduce algae growth.
    • Improves the biological stability of your marine tank.
    • Size up to 2 Microns for optimal absorption by Zooplankton and Corals.
  • Circle of Life

    In the drawing on the left we have visualised how Phytoplankton serves as a nutrient for Zooplankton, which in turn serves as a food source for corals and fish. Finally, phosphates and nitrates are nutrients for Phytoplankton.