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Gravel & soil.

Cleansed pond gravel & natural soils
for a flourishing pond.

Colombo Natura offers pond gravel to cover your plant baskets and pond edges. Aside of that we offer natural pond soils for growing and flowering pond plants and lily soil with extra clay for growing and flowering lilies. Use these gravels and soil to make your pond flourish!

For a decorative &
natural look.

Natural raw materials
for optimal growth.

Our pond gravel & soils.

Natura Gravel

Colombo Natura Gravel, specially selected for use in ponds. The gravel is washed and free from pollution. It can be used to cover pond soil so that fish cannot root in the soil. Of course it is also very suitable for giving the pond floor a decorative and natural look.

Natura Plant Soil

Natura Pond Soil consists of natural raw materials such as clay and peat. It contains all the nutrients necessary for pond plants to root, grow and flower optimally. It is suitable for all types of pond, marginal and underwater plants. You can use it in plant baskets but also as a cover on the pond bed.

Natura Lily Soil

Natura Water Lily Earth consists of natural raw materials with clay as the main ingredient, which guarantees you the right nutrients needed for well-rooted, beautifully flowering lilies with beautiful leaf formation.