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A beautifully clear pond
starts with healthy water.

Just like plants in the garden, pond plants need fertilizer. Besides nutrients which are absorbed through the roots, pond plants also absorb nutrients from the water through the leaves.

of fertilizer tablets.

Natural substrate
for a biological active pond.

Our fertilizers.

Our fertilizer products will provide the nutrients needed to purify your pond and keep it healthy!
Our products will make sure your pond will flourish.

Natura Plant Tabs

Regulated-release fertiliser tablets for pond plants. Apply tablets in the spring, the plants are then supplied with nutrition throughout the season. Press 1 to 2 tablets per plant (depending on plant size) into the pond soil or substrate, making sure the tablets are within reach of the roots.

Natura Substrate

The biological balance in a pond is a precondition for good water quality. Cover the pond bed with Natura Substrate, which functions as one large biological filter. The large, porous grain with an open structure creates a large surface where billions of purifying and healthy bacteria can grow. Due to the open and porous character of Natura Substrate, it is also very suitable as biological filter material. It can also be used to cover pond soil to prevent leaching.