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About us.

Reliable products, developed in our own laboratory.

For over 40 years, all Colombo medicines are produced under GMP, guaranteeing that our medicines always meet the highest standards. In Colombo’s philosophy, you keep fish and animals healthy by providing a good living environment, proper nutrition, and supplements.

As part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group, Colombo collaborates with our sister companies to deliver top-quality and professional care products for your aquarium, pond, and terrarium. Our collective efforts ensure excellence for our valued customers.

Let us tell you
how Colombo works.

Over 40 years of experience
Colombo was founded in 1984 by veterinarian and fish specialist Dr. Mario Blom, which is why medicines always play an important role in the Colombo program. Many of the medicines developed by Dr. Blom are still the best remedy on the market today, and we continuously invest in the development of new medicines such as Morenicol Lernex-Pro or Colombo Cobrasal.

Experts dedicated to excellence
The Colombo team consists of enthusiastic employees who have been working with fish, plants, and reptiles for many years. Our work is also our hobby. At our Campus, we work daily on the further development of our products for caring for ornamental and pond fish, Koi, aquatic plants, and reptiles. Colombo’s goal is to deliver the best possible products for aquariums, ponds, or reptiles, products that enable enthusiasts to make their hobby successful.


We continuously invest in
developing professional products.

Our mission
In Colombo’s philosophy, you keep fish and animals healthy by providing a good living environment, proper nutrition, and supplements. That’s why we continuously invest in developing products to optimize the living environment and water quality. Our test kits, water conditioners, vitamins and supplements, and bacterial cultures for a healthy living environment are important in this regard.

Products for plant care
Plants are also crucial for a healthy living environment and water quality! Colombo offers a wide range of products developed for plants, including substrate, CO2 equipment, and plant nutrients. Every product that Colombo sells is developed in our own laboratory and tested for safety and efficiency time and time again. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years! After research, Colombo products are manufactured in the Netherlands in our own factory.

How Colombo evolved.

Colombo works through
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Colombo, as part of AWG, is aware of its social responsibility. We treat people, nature, animals, plants, and our planet responsibly. Colombo regularly acts as a sponsor of charities that focus on the welfare of people, children, and animals. We use green energy, solar panels, and continuously work to reduce our CO2 emissions. Together, we contribute to an energy-neutral future!

Fish medication

  • For freshwater- saltwater- and pond fish

  • Easy to use & fast results

  • Clear instructions & manuals

  • For a wide variety of diseases

  • Everything you need to keep your fish healthy

Professional tests sets, and kits

  • For aquariums, plants, and ponds
  • Quicktests with 6 measurements
  • Professional test cases
  • Easy manuals
  • Accurate results
  • Easy usage, everyone can do it!

Professional maintenance products

  • Top-products for affordable prices

  • Reliable results

  • For fresh & marine aquariums & ponds

  • Combatting & preventing algae

  • Products for healthy and clear water