• Make your own CO2 with 2 components. No more changing pressure bottles! The Colombo CO2 reactor is a very complete set to easily make CO2 yourself using two components. Instead of exchanging pressure bottles, the empty bottle with the 2-component can simply be refilled with pure CO2 gas.


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  • Aqua Salt is a completely natural purified sea salt. Aqua Salt ensures a healthy environment and therefore healthy fish and thereby prevents fish diseases.


    The ideal salt content is 0.1%. It is best dissolved in warm water. Itโ€™s also great for viviparous fish and goldfish, but be careful with fish from South America.


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  • Calcium and carbonates are the two most important elements in seawater, which are required in relatively high amounts and thus have to be added separately through Colombo Calcium+ and KH+.


    Colombo All-Four contains all other macro and micro-elements that corals need for an optimal growth and a perfect colour development, like magnesium, iron, iodine, potassium and many more. Based on the Calcium test, you add Colombo Calcium+. Add 50 ml Colombo All-Four for every 100 ml of Calcium+ you are adding to your tank.


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  • Too high a silicate or silicic acid content is the main reason for the presence of silica algae (brown algae). By removing the silicate with Silicate Ex, the algae can no longer grow and disappear.


    Normally a maximum silicate content of 0.50 mg/l is acceptable, but to remove silica algae, the content must be temporarily reduced to 0.


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  • The Colombo test stirrer is the ideal aid for testing the water. The stirrer keeps the water sample moving so that you have both hands free to administer the reagnet carefully.


    For tests that work on the basis of the so-called titration principle, the stirrer ensures easy testing and accurate results.


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