In clear water light can enter freely, this is why in ponds with clear water blanket weed is often a problem. The blanket weed grows on the walls of the pond and can overwhelm underwater plants.


    Algisin is a powerful and reliable solution against blanket weed. After use blanket weed will start to disappear within a few days, within 14 days the pond is free of blanket weed.

    Blanket weed can develop fast due to sunlight and overwhelm plants. Due to the enzymatic effect of Algisin the blanket weed will be refrained from essential nutrients. The remains of the algae can be removed easily with a fine coarse net.


  • BIOX

    BiOx cleans your pond with active oxygen and remove sludge in a natural way. When BiOx comes in contact with water, it immediately releases active oxygen. Oxygen is an important factor in the pond environment. The bacteria in the filter of the pond use oxygen during the degradation of wastes, and an improved oxygen level enhances the performance of your biological filter. Due to the higher oxygen levels, your fish extract the oxygen they need more easily from the water. Due to the natural oxidation power of BiOx, biological waste and sludge are broken down. By weekly adding BiOx, your pond stays clean and growth of blanket weed is prevented.

    Dosage: Weekly, 1 measuring spoon (=15 ml) per 500 litres of pond water. 2.500 ml Colombo BiOx is sufficient for treating 16.000 liters of pond water for 5 weeks.

    Never poor directly onto plants. For a healthy pond and thus healthy fish, a good water quality is essential. Therefore, test at least once a month the water quality and correct it if necessary. The KH-value is especially important as it should be between 6 and 8° DH, before the treatment is started. Only for use in ornamental ponds. Keep out of reach of children. Store in the box and at a temperature of 4 to 32°C.